Top Features To Look For In an eCommerce Website Builder

Top Features To Look For In an eCommerce Website Builder

Your webpage decides your customer’s purchase journey. The level of user experience you provide decides whether your customers stick around or abandon your website.

Choosing the suitable platform for building your website ensures a seamless and engaging shopping experience. But what features will you be looking for in the best website builder in Singapore?

In this article, let us look into the top features that will help you get a website builder which is inclusive of the best domain hosting to maximise your eCommerce success.

Top Features You Need in Ecommerce Website Builder in Australia

1. Drag and Drop

A webpage builder should offer a drag and drop option to build. The drag-and-drop option allows you to control elements on your design interface effortlessly.

This means by simply clicking and dragging and releasing your cursor to your desired place, you can create your webpage.

Therefore, you don’t know the coding or technical expertise to create your webpage.

2. Build in payment processing for hassle-free payments

You can have a reliable store without a payment processing system. The

The payment processing system allows your customer to make payments for their purchases. Though this feature may seem very standard, not all website builders have it.

 For instance, with a standard WordPress webpage, you may need to incorporate a payment processing feature separately. Therefore, ensure the website builder you are thinking about offers seamless integration for adding this functionality.

3. Variety of Customisable templates

Your website builder in Singapore should offer a variety of template options with customizability and ease of navigation and editing.

You should be able to preview your design when you edit it. Ensuring seamless navigating through potential changes to enhance your customer purchase journey.

4. Email Integration

Your website builder should offer domain email accounts alongside a custom domain name.

A domain name builds professional communication, which enhances your brand identity and credibility. Therefore, be sure to choose a website builder that has email integration.

5. Mobile Responsive Design

A mobile responsive design is as important as a desktop design, as most traffic comes from mobile devices.

When you say responsive design, it means able to view across various screens and sizes. This is also an essential consideration for your webpage SEO.

6. Strong Search Functionality

eCommerce website builders should offer reliable search functions for appropriate search results. When your audience searches for anything on your webpage,, they must be able to do it quickly and hassle-free.

An intense search functionality improves your audience’s user experience, which makes it an important feature.

7. Built-In Provisions for Forms

There should be built-in provisions for forms that allow the collection of information from leads and visitors effectively. You can create various find forms, newsletter subscription forms, feedback/comment forms, etc.

 Further, there should be features such as checkboxes, text fields, radio buttons, and CAPTCHA protection for security enhancements for overall functionality and protection of your webpage.


With so many fantastic website builder options out there, deciding on the top ecommerce website builder platform for your webpage can feel overwhelming.

So search for what’s new, compare the price to your budget, and then choose one that perfectly fits your expectations.