Main Points Of A Good Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is the key to starting your traffic list in Internet marketing. Internet marketing is open to anyone that wants to go into business and work on the Internet from home and make money on the net. The squeeze page is extremely important to allow you create a list of potential customers for future sales.
The squeeze page is such a simple process for anyone to start and create a business quickly and efficiently. This concept offers your target market something specific to their needs in return for their contact information. To clarity of this statement I; you offer your target market a free product for their name and email address. The free product can be anything from a sample of your product, informational guide, free training, or anything that is important to the individual that requests in exchange for their contact details.
The squeeze page must have four elements. I am going to state for you the framework of the page so you can effectively get all the information you need. These four elements are keyed to getting the information you need for future mailings.
The heading is the title on your squeeze page. Use shades of color in your heading – many use the shade of red, brick red or bright red, and it converts very well for them. And of course you want to make the heading larger than any other text on your page. Make it Compelling!
I am sure you heard this before; that people looking at pages make their decision if it’s compelling enough for them or not in 8 seconds of looking at a page. This is why I say for you to make your heading compelling and grabbing to capture their attention quickly and strongly. If you can come up with a few words to introduce your heading with smaller print and in black–and then follow it with a sub-heading also in smaller and in black text; you would have an advantage.
After the introduction the heading and the sub-heading, you would want to list the benefits with bullet points of your offer. The bullet points express the benefits the visitor will gain after they get the product. The bullet points describe the benefits the visitor will gain after they use the product.
Testimonials are not so important on a squeeze page as on a sales page, but even one testimonial on the squeeze page will help to convert. It helps because it gives credibility to the offer.
Well, the squeeze page is not a squeeze page without an Opt-In Form. The Opt-In must be there to give the visitor the chance to sign in. Your auto-responder will give you the code for it to work properly. Most auto-responders will have the text to help you from spamming. They usually have the text – respect the privacy of the contact details and that the information will not be passed on to any third parties – on the bottom of the Opt-In box. The final point is for your squeeze page template to be clearly visible on the screen without having to scroll down. Do this and you begin to work on the Internet from home and make money on the web.
Respectfully, Efren Maldonado