Business Licenses and Permits

Business Licenses and Permits

There is excitement when you are towards opening your new business within your specified region. However, many must remember that running a business can be very easy, but not without a license or a permit. Failing to acquire a permit right from the beginning is a common mistake for new business owners. Always keep in mind that establishing a business requires you to have a license. For example, in New York, you must have a New York certificate of authority for any business selling tangible goods in the city. It is good to familiarize yourself with all the necessary licenses before starting your chosen company. Have you dreamed of owning a big business and must be made aware of all the permits you need? The following are common licenses and permits all business owners may require and where to go for information.

Fire Department Permit

You may be required to obtain a permit from your fire department if your business uses any flammable materials or if your premises are, by any chance, open to the public. Note that in some states, you must get this permit before opening for business. However, other regions do not need permits but mostly schedule periodic inspections of your business to see if you meet all required fire safety regulations. If they find that you do not meet them, they will issue a citation. Those businesses that need to meet fire department permits are restaurants, daycare centers, and retirement homes.

Sign Permit

Note that some states have sign ordinances that restrict the size, location, and sometimes the lighting and type of sign you can use outside your business. Remember to take good care of your money invested in every industry. However, to avoid costly mistakes, you need to check regulations and secure the written approval of your landlord. This should then be before you plan to go to the expense of having a sign designed and finally installed.

Air and Water Pollution Control Permits

Everything has changed, leading to several state departments controlling air and water pollution. For instance, if you burn materials, discharge anything into the sewers or waterways, or even use goods that produce gas, you may have to get a special permit. This permit will be obtained from the department in your region. Note that environmental protection regulations may require getting approval before doing any construction or beginning operations. You need to ensure first that you check with your city ecological protection agency regarding federal or city regulations that may apply to your organization.

State Licenses

Remember that in many states, individuals in specific occupations must have licenses or occupational permits. However, they must pass state examinations before getting these permits and conducting business. Note that cities always require licensing for auto mechanics, plumbers, building contractors, collection agents, and insurance agents. Ensure you first contact your state government offices to get a complete list of occupations needing licensing.


Remember that almost all businesses need a general business license to operate in every region. Particular companies require professional support, like those that provide professional services like hairstyling, daycare, and financial advice. Be sure that you will work peacefully and without any regrets with permits.