Dos And Don’ts Of An Office Reward Program: Finding The Right Promotional Business Items And More

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If you’re interested in implementing a reward program for your business, you’ll want to find the right type of promotional business items. However, there’s more to a reward program than just the office awards and plaques that are given out during the ceremony. Use these dos and don’ts to come up with an excellent program and you might be surprised at how well it is received in the office.
Do: Come Up With The Right Type of Office Awards And Plaques
It’s important to ask your employees what type of promotional business items they’re interested in. For instance, if the majority of your workers want custom crystal awards, such as desk clocks, and you get them different types of office awards and plaques, such as an engraved pen, your gift likely won’t have as big of an impact. Don’t be afraid to ask your employees, but make sure you listen to what they’re saying!
Don’t: Create Unhealthy Competition
A little competition is a good thing, but take care not to foster an unhealthy sense of competition. Employees who are constantly pressured to be better and do more than their coworkers may do well in the short term, however, this type of pressure isn’t healthy for a business’s long term goals. If you’re a boss, encourage your subordinates to try their best, but don’t spend a lot of time trying to crush a competing coworker’s sales. Remember, you’re all on the same team and if the company does well, everyone benefits.
Do: Have An Award Ceremony
Have you ever been handed office awards and plaques with nothing more than an unceremonious ‘thanks?’ There’s no sense of accomplishment when a reward is handed out this way. Instead, hold a ceremony so you can give out each award publicly. If your company is trying to cut back on spending, consider having a catered lunch during the business day. However, if you have a little extra money in your budget, plan a full dinner one evening with spouses and guests. The event will be memorable and leave everyone looking forward to the next one.
Don’t: Honor Just One Person
Chances are good that you can think of plenty of reasons to recognize your employees. If you have a sales staff, you can recognize the top salesperson, as well as the most improved one. Additionally, you can recognize an employee for being a great team player, for saving the company money, for perfect attendance and more. With so many award categories, there’s no reason not to recognize as many employees as possible.
Finding the right promotional business items or office awards and plaques to give your employees is the first step, but that’s not the only way to implement a successful program. Use these dos and don’ts as a great place to start and you might be surprised at how well your employees respond to their new recognition program.