Day: October 3, 2021

Profeco warns that it might withdraw Maruchan-type soups and the web responds with memes

Many people have this reminiscence of our scholar days: We had 20 pesos left to eat with which we purchased a Coca-Cola and an prompt Maruchan soup with lemon and Valentina sauce.

Caro_navajas vía Twitter

The Federal Client Prosecutor’s Workplace ( Profeco ) introduced this Friday that it might withdraw from the market a number of the prompt soup manufacturers that exist in Mexico as a result of they’ve a low dietary contribution and, quite the opposite, are extremely caloric (they contribute between 270 to 334 kilocalories per serving ) and comprise extra sodium.

The Profeco Client Journal introduced that in its subsequent challenge it would publish the results of the standard examine it carried out on 33 manufacturers. In the mean time it’s nonetheless unknown that are the soups whose sale can be prohibited, however these merchandise are extremely common since for a lot of younger college students or

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