Day: January 7, 2021

5 Tips for Boosting Creativity and Innovation

Here’s how creativity and innovation can give you a competitive advantage.

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Creativity and innovation go hand in hand. Creativity unleashes the potential of the mind to conceive . Innovation is the work required to make that viable. Often innovation involves introducing change into relatively stable systems. So first you come up with a great idea. And then you take it to market. We are in an unprecedented time. To withstand new market demands and crushing losses, nearly every industry is having to reinvent.

Here are five ways you can rewire your company’s well-worn pathways to jump-start creativity and innovate to become part of the change.

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To see the future more clearly, find your blind spots

It was the year we saw it all. And 2020 was also the year we didn’t see it all coming. Wildfires. Floods. So many storms in the Atlantic that meteorologists had to resort to the Greek alphabet to name them. Global protests over racial and economic inequality. And, of course, the pandemic.

What is surprising is that we were surprised. In a recent PwC study, 69 percent of responding organizations had experienced a crisis in the past five years and 95 percent expected to face one. We all watched Australia aflame in the months before the pandemic. California, too. It was only three years ago that multiple storms rattled the Gulf Coast in the United States in rapid succession. And climate watchers had been predicting that there will be more of these severe weather events in the future.

And the pandemic? Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in 2003, H1N1

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