Day: November 11, 2020

Election Results Frame Positive Future For Franchising

Franchise companies and those looking to franchise can be optimistic.

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This 2020 election season has been one like no other. The months leading up to election day — and indeed the days following election day — have been both passionate and tumultuous. With the election now over, the future for franchising is predictable and promising.

Covid Relief for Small Businesses

There is simply no way around it: Any president must and will make aid to small businesses like franchises a priority. Candidate promised more relief money to small businesses, with much of this assistance in the form of outright grants. His platform promised to reserve half of new small- relief — whether via the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) or future efforts — for businesses with 50 employees or fewer. His restart package promised

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Recommendation Engines

by Michael Schrage, MIT Press, 2020

I don’t set much store in the endless stream of recommendations offered by Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, and most other online businesses. Occasionally, a book, flick, or song pops up that delights me, but most of the suggestions I get either miss the mark or appear suspiciously advantageous to recommendation engine operators and their advertisers.

Michael Schrage, visiting fellow at the MIT Sloan School of Management’s Initiative on the Digital Economy and s+b contributor, awakens us to the potential of delightful discovery in his latest book, Recommendation Engines. “Recommendation inspires innovation: that serendipitous suggestion—that surprise—not only changes how you see the world, it transforms how you see—and understand—yourself. Successful recommenders promote discovery of the world and one’s self,” Schrage writes in its introduction. “Recommenders aren’t just about what we might want to buy; they’re about who we might want to become.”

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