Day: November 10, 2020

André Tapia passed one of the most demanding exams in the country and hence the idea of creating an app to help others arose

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Dr. André Tapia, when he was an aspiring ophthalmologist , looked for Carlos Roca, owner of Mellow Consulting; and said, ‘I did very well on the National Exam for Medical Residency Applicants (Enarm)! It is one of the most demanding tests for doctors who want to enter a specialty. I was the eighth nationally. I prepared myself in different ways and I think there is a very great opportunity to develop an application to study and pass this exam ”.

Of the 45,000 doctors who perform the Enarm each year in Mexico, only 18% are approved; and most are left without the opportunity to be specialists. This is how the startup Reto Education was born, which created the

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Why you should apply design thinking to the employee experience

The tools of talent management — hiring, on-boarding, performance reviews — are changing, some for now, others for good. Teamwork, collaboration, and tacit knowledge-sharing have also been disrupted. The mere fact that many people are separated from friends and colleagues, which can strain their relationships, is a big deal: Affirmative answers to the question “Do you have a best friend at work?” consistently correlate with higher employee retention, better customer metrics, increased productivity, and greater profitability, according to Gallup.

Quite simply, work is different today. The COVID-19 pandemic has upended workplace routines and destroyed norms. Team rooms have become Zoom rooms. Gone are the informal chats in the hallway or by the coffee machine. Bullpens and hoteling designs are out, private offices are in, off-sites are over, and business travel has gone bust. Many people will work from home much or all of the time for the foreseeable future.

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