Day: October 5, 2020

Creating a powerful ecosystem to sustain competitiveness

The potential to create value sometimes entails creating a completely new industry, one in which companies that have never interacted before come together. Of course, a new market that brings them together can sometimes do the job. But a market is unlikely to be effective in promoting the kinds of knowledge exchange and co-learning required to build a new industry, especially when its future is shrouded in uncertainty.

Creating the new mobility industry, for instance, will not just involve automotive companies. In fact, automakers may be one of the less important contributors. A new mobility industry will need infrastructure providers, designers, and manufacturers of new types of sensors (both on-board and embedded in the environment), software and artificial intelligence (AI) companies, entertainment to occupy the passenger in an autonomous vehicle, and regulators and municipal governments, to name just a few of the likely participants. Hence, a new ecosystem that promotes

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6 Natural Remedies for When You’re Stressed About Work or Life

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Let’s be honest: This is a tough time to be a business owner.

Since March, the world has turned upside down. Your office is likely closed, revenue is disrupted if not massively down, business travel is mostly non-existent, keeping workers on staff is an issue, the future is uncertain — and let’s not even get started with the Payroll Protection Program and other stimulus measures.

If stress is getting the best of you, here are six natural remedies that might help. As always, do your research and talk to your doctors about introducing supplements. 

1. Rhodiola rosea

You may not have heard about this herb, but rhodiola rosea has been used by people in Scandinavia,  and for years as a way to reduce fatigue and boost energy. Research has shown that among its

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