Day: September 30, 2020

Six building blocks for revitalized B2B marketing and sales

If you’re a B2B company leader, you know how important face time is. Sales visits, trade shows, and demonstrations present opportunities to engage with customers and highlight your knowledge, experience, and ability to solve problems at scale — key differentiating factors that can make or break your growth curve. But COVID-19 has brought these sorts of interactions to a screeching halt. To respond effectively, you’ll need to accelerate your digital investments in always-on, virtual models for engaging customers and evolve your operating model to realize the full potential of those investments.

Some investments can add value quickly, without too much difficulty, and others will require more time. Launching or bolstering e-commerce, virtual trade shows and innovation center demonstrations, and digital configuration tools can be done in a matter of months. For example, the time frame for standing up e-commerce channels has collapsed from 20-plus weeks to less than 10 weeks

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7 Actionable Tips Every Business Should Try

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When the is constantly negative and the world seems down, are you going to take your down with it? Of course not!

It’s time to rise up and get your business in gear during these difficult times. Get those gears churning and make your business a success in even the toughest of times.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, it’s time for you to look into some of these actionable business tips. Just keep reading.

1. Save, save, save

One of the biggest problems that businesses have is that they don’t have enough in the bank for when bad times come. When there’s a slow down in your business or a slow down in the in general, you have to be prepared.

Think about this as a savings account.

It’s highly

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