Day: September 23, 2020

Enterprise agility and experience management efforts work best when they work together

The leaders of the financial firm’s business transformation had reason to be proud. They’d been getting good results in their efforts to embed agile methods in the company’s operations. In the credit card contact center, for instance, they’d slashed the trouble ticket backlog by 97 percent in the first year of their initiative and reduced training time for new hires from five days to less than two.

Yet the leaders had found it difficult to scale agile across the entire organization. They struggled to identify, prioritize, and activate the program’s highest-value applications after their initial success. And they were no better at consistently and comprehensively measuring the impact of the opportunities they did pursue.

Enterprise agility was not the only initiative to run aground at the firm. The chief customer officer had been building an experience management (XM) discipline — tracking customer journeys, collecting data from customers and employees worldwide,

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Are You Experiencing Mentor Whiplash? Here’s How to Manage Too Many Opinions.

Seeking advice is great, but conflicting opinions can leave a founder’s head spinning. Here’s how to manage mentors.

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At Blue Startups, a venture accelerator in , we are about to enter into our 12th cohort, and as such we have seen a lot of founders (over 300) and a lot of mentors (over 150) interact over the years.  So, how can you get the most out of these relationships?  Seeking is an important part of the entrepreneurial journey, but you have to know how to take it.

Let’s say you have back-to-back meetings with mentors on the topic of sales. One advises you to build a and tackle direct sales, the other advises you to sell through distribution partners. You come out of these meetings reeling — which direction do you go? 

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