Day: September 17, 2020

This is How Technology Will Solve Chronic Pain

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The technological revolution has brought with it unprecedented medical innovations. Today, antibiotics and drugs are universally known and utilized, surgical procedures are safer and more efficient than ever, and easily accessible databases house patients’ comprehensive health records and guide doctors as they select the most viable treatment options. 

However, medicine’s tech-fueled growth has been uneven; while certain specialties have experienced far-reaching improvements, others — most conspicuously the musculoskeletal sphere — are lagging behind the curve, to the detriment of millions upon millions of patients. 

Approximately 20 percent of Americans suffer from chronic pain, and nearly 20 million Americans suffer from high-impact chronic pain, which prevents them both from working and from enjoying their lives. 

Musculoskeletal education is largely glossed over in medical schools, and consequently, the lion’s share of today’s doctors —at no fault of their

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