Day: May 15, 2020

As India advances, women’s workforce participation plummets

Conventional wisdom suggests that in a growing economy, as job opportunities increase and education levels rise, more women enter the paid workforce. The Indian experience, however, has been exactly the opposite. Since the liberalization of the economy, which began in 1991, Indian GDP has grown at about 6 or 7 percent per year. Education of Indian women has risen; fertility rates have fallen; and access to electricity, cooking gas, and water has improved. However, women’s labor force participation rate (LFPR) has fallen (pdf) from 42.7 percent in 2004­–05 to 23.3 percent in 2017–18.

This means that three out of four Indian women are neither working nor seeking paid work, putting India among the bottom 10 countries in the world in terms of women’s workforce participation. (The only countries that rank lower than India are Egypt, Morocco, Somalia, Iran, Algeria, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.) The low LFPR is even more

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Should I Return My Small-Business Loan? (Updated)

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Update: Eleventh-hour guidance was issued by the extending the safe-harbor deadline for returning loans in excess of $2 million to May 18, while granting good faith to borrowers whose loans totaled less than $2 million.

As we reported earlier this week, you now have until Thursday, May 14 to return your SBA (PPP) loan if you feel like the forgiveness guidance is too stringent or — as has been the case primarily with mid-size and  — you’ve unwittingly opened yourself up to possible audit or, worse, criminal inquiry. 

To answer the pressing question of whether you should remand whatever stimulus the federal program bequeathed or use it as a launching pad to reopen your , we spoke with Rachel Scava, COO of Ohio-based accounting and firm Fully Accountable, which works primarily with

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