Day: May 4, 2020

Checking in on employee health and well-being

The coronavirus has brought many changes to the workplace, and to the relationship between employers and employees.

As companies focus on helping their workforce adjust to working from home, they are beginning to understand and overcome the barriers faced in doing so. And they’re having to gather more information — and communicate more regularly — about employees’ health, whereabouts, and movements. In this new normal, companies will need to use technology to keep in touch with their workforces and understand their ability to stay productive and healthy whether they are working at home or at the office. In a PwC survey conducted during the week of April 20, 37 percent of CFOs around the world said they believe they will see a loss of productivity over the next month due to remote work. In a survey two weeks earlier, 45 percent of respondents anticipated this issue.

Many of the tools

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