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Keeping pace with Africa’s fast-changing competitive landscape

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Nigeria is widely viewed as coming late to the mobile money revolution that swept East Africa in the 2010s. But transferring money today in Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, could scarcely be easier — shopkeepers, tradespeople, department stores, satellite TV companies, and nearly every other merchant accepts payment via mobile phone transfer.

That’s in large part thanks to Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank), which, under the leadership of Segun Agbaje, helped popularize money transfers based on unstructured supplementary service data, a communications protocol used for mobile financial services. The industry has since moved into app-based transfers, and the Nigerian central bank recently approved the first licenses for mobile wallets, the latest step in a digital revolution transforming banking across the continent.

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Examples from the world of soccer on changing jobs

On the eve of the biggest soccer match of his coaching career, Tottenham Hotspur’s manager dropped a bombshell. It was May 7, 2019, the night before Mauricio Pochettino’s team played against Ajax Amsterdam in the UEFA Champions League semifinal; the coach declared that if Tottenham won the trophy, he would leave the London club. “It should be fantastic, no?” Pochettino said. “Close the five-year chapter and go home.” Reporters asked him if he was joking (he wasn’t), and fans were stunned.

Tottenham won the semifinal but lost the final, and Pochettino stayed. In the matches after the final, the team’s performance level dropped, leading many to wonder: What if Pochettino had left? In the end, he had the decision taken out of his hands, and was sacked six months later.

Can you ever know with certainty when it’s the right time to change jobs? The world of soccer is

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Start the New Year with a simplification month

This time of year always ushers in resolutions and thoughts of what will be different when we wake up on January 1. But commitments to make lasting changes to diet and fitness can be fleeting. So why not tackle something at work that is well within your control and will make a real difference? Make January a “simplification month.”

I first heard about the idea in 2013 when I interviewed Jess Lee, the former CEO of the social e-commerce site Polyvore, who joined Sequoia Capital as a partner in 2016. Here’s how she described it: “We just asked everyone in the company to make a list of everything that they do, identify the things that are important, and for the rest of the list, simplify it, optimize it, or delete it, so we can get the company to the simplest possible state.”

The company deleted a bunch of features

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The 10 most popular s+b articles of 2019

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Gain trust and project order in turbulent times

You don’t need to look far to find turmoil in the world — severe weather, geopolitical unrest, social upheaval. At times, it can feel as if every part of the globe is unsettled. What’s more, if you’re leading a business, the ramifications of this uncertainty can be worrying to your customers, employees, and investors.

One challenge of leading in times such as these is to project a sense of order and a rationale for the bumpy flight we all are experiencing, as well as hope for a brighter future. But to do that effectively, you must first understand the details of the disruptions and the ways in which they interact to shape the world. Then you can speak openly and with a deep understanding of the changing landscape to reassure your stakeholders.

With that in mind, and on the cusp of a new decade, it feels appropriate to revisit work

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Social Media Marketing Services

Social media is just part of an overall well planned SEO strategy to grow your company market presence and stay in touch with your customer base.
Having a consistent web presence is enhanced by having a campaign that’s always active and relative with your target audience. It’s best to have a person behind the face of the company or better put, in “front” of your target audience as the face of the company.
When a company needs social media marketing services, it’s best to be selective and find out what the experience of the prospective company is, in order to evaluate the success of the campaigns.
Ask these questions:
What media landscape is essential for your target audience?
Will they be consistent on a daily, weekly and monthly basis?
Do they really understand that it’s about “building relationships first and then about marketing?
Can they point to any successes they’ve … Read more