Day: February 11, 2021

Father and Son Create Business Legacy Together

Family run extermination business exemplifies how to create generational wealth through entrepreneurship. 

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In this video, I met virtually with Bill Lane Sr. and BJ Lane, CEO/President and COO/Sales and Service Executive, respectively, of Maryland-based Lane’s Termite/Pest Inc. and discussed how to build a successful business through passion and integrity.

The two Lanes also discussed how to manage your team and market your business through excellent customer service, with Bill Sr. providing great insight on how to know when the next generation is ready to run a family business.

If you’re looking to create a new business and want to learn how to develop long-term success, please check out this interview with a remarkable father-son ownership duo.

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Why we need a “Take Your Manager to Care-Work Day”

The daily onslaught of challenges faced by caregivers has been one of the biggest forces shaping work over the past year. Whether they are dealing with children engaged in remote online schooling or caring for loved ones ill from COVID-19 — or, in some cases, both — tens of millions of workers have been struggling to cover all of their responsibilities.

Business leaders have by and large expressed concern. And many have offered flexible schedules and extended benefits aimed at easing the burden. Still, many workers have long dealt with bosses who don’t get it. “Too many working parents and other employees with extensive caregiving responsibilities have stories of a manager who gives them an assignment at 4 pm and asks for it the next morning, or a boss who makes disparaging comments about another working parent who doesn’t seem loyal to the company,” journalist Rebecca Knight wrote in Harvard

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