Day: February 5, 2021

Scientists Warn Oil Will Be Depleted in Less Than 30 Years

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The solar revolution is coming. It’s been building momentum for years and is quickly becoming unstoppable. According to the U.S. Department of , installations in the have grown 35-fold since 2008. This trend is expected to continue, with installations set to double between 2019 and 2023.  

Some people may doubt that the future of energy production lies in harnessing the power of the sun. After all, it’s taken more than half a century to get where we are today. Despite the initial slow rate of growth, the shift from non-renewable energy production to renewable sources like solar is coming.

1. Solar Energy Helps Humanity

Let’s be honest the world is facing some pretty serious challenges. Many of these can be attributed to . Luckily for humanity, solar

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