Day: December 2, 2020

Technology brings us closer to the culture of prevention

In recent years we have noticed the appearance of new alternatives such as Healthtech, InsuranceTech, EdTech and the best known or in vogue, FinTech and PropTech.

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  • The appearance of new technology companies only makes us notice that there is an avid feeling of evolution and adaptation to the current market, the new economically active generation already has the chip of the digital world immersed and we must take advantage of it.

In difficult times, humanity has always reinvented itself and uses every possible tool to achieve extraordinary adaptation. 2020 is no exception, technology has been the appropriate lever for all industries to remain operating.

We see a boom in the emergence of

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Get ready for the post-cookie world

Almost every company — including, very likely, your own — uses them. Every phone, computer, and smart device stores them. They’re cookies, or small text files that keep track of activity as people browse websites. Third-party cookies are those that follow people from site to site, gathering data on their preferences and behavior as they go. They’ve been the foundation for marketing, sales, and consumer experience strategies. But they’re about to go away.

In January 2020, Google announced that it would phase out support for third-party cookies by the start of 2022. Cookie-based data is typically collected without consumers’ explicit consent. This has raised privacy concerns and set companies on a quest to find better, more privacy-conscious ways to gather and share consumer data. Google isn’t first in responding to these privacy issues. Some browsers, such as Apple’s Safari and Mozilla’s Firefox, already block third-party cookies by default. Apple’s operating

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