Day: October 23, 2020

Ryan Fitzpatrick Is Showing Us How to Lead From the Sidelines

The veteran NFL QB is giving way to a younger generation and demonstrating that it’s OK to be upset, disappointed or heartbroken.

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Back in March I wrote about the value of backup quarterbacks. With the season now seven games in, we’ve already seen the importance of having a capable, reliable signal-caller to step in at a moment’s notice. For the Miami Dolphins, the season began with Ryan Fitzpatrick, a 16-year NFL veteran loved throughout the league. It was common knowledge that he would start the season, but that eventually, last year’s fifth-overall draft pick — former University of Alabama standout Tua Tagovailoa — would take over.

This cycle is clockwork in the NFL:

  • Team drafts a rookie quarterback high to hopefully
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Why business leaders should try thinking like a comedian

A business executive and a comedian walk into a bar. This isn’t a setup for one of those jokes, not least because I am terrible at telling jokes. No, an executive and a comedian sitting down for a drink or two is actually a setup for a really useful conversation about creative leadership and problem solving. There’s a lot that comedians — or, as Peter McGraw calls them, “the world’s least-professional professionals” — can offer to business leaders: “By emulating the funniest people,” he writes in his new book, Schtick to Business, “you can craft a better career and a smarter business.”

McGraw isn’t suggesting that to be a better manager or leader, you need to be funny; being funny is hard to do and likely to backfire, so don’t try it at home. Rather, based on what he’s seen both in his lab — the Humor Research

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