Day: October 21, 2020

How much capital should you raise in your next investment round?

Many are the questions that an investor needs you to answer; some of the important ones and that, usually, are not dominated by the entrepreneur.

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  • A Venture Capitalist wants to see how much capital you are raising, how long it will last, and what they are going to do with it.
  • Do not leave aside the following questions: What would you have to achieve the next time you go out to raise capital? Will it be enough for another VC to show interest?

Usually before making a formal appointment with a Venture Capital (VC) investment fund,

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For financial-services firms, inter-industry partnerships are the pathways to growth

All eyes were on Goldman Sachs and Apple in March 2019, when they together announced the Apple Card, a credit vehicle for Apple’s proprietary payment service, Apple Pay. The Silicon Valley crowd liked that the product centered on an iPhone app that lets users track and sort spending in near real time, with security and other features managed by swipes and the push of virtual buttons. The card also deepened Apple’s financial-services (FS) play in the US$1.35 trillion consumer-facing tech product space, and it posed a legitimate threat to incumbents. The banking industry saw an enormous opportunity in the deal. Within just a few months, Goldman Sachs had extended $736 million in credit, in the form of outstanding loan balances, to Apple cardholders.

And for Goldman Sachs, the Apple partnership is only the beginning. The bank, not Apple, built the guts of the app: the systems for approving customers, setting

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