Day: October 7, 2020

This is CONTPAQi’s solution for SMEs to face the pandemic

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  • It is time to change our mental structures as human beings to understand that we are all one and that we depend on others, for this reason empathy and solidarity are two values that must prevail forever.

The pandemic has represented many challenges for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), all these events have led them to adapt and create new habits that include new technologies and sales through digital channels.

CONTPAQi, an electronic invoicing company, is aware of the challenge that adapting to the new reality has implied for SMEs and that is why from July 20 to 24 it organized a congress through videoconferences in which the points were presented from the point of view of various

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Favorite s+b covers, 1995–2020

One of my great enjoyments as art director of strategy+business — a role I’ve held since 1999, when the magazine was being redesigned — is selecting artwork for each print issue. Each quarter, I work with the designer on my team to choose artists and photographers to create original artwork for the articles and the cover. We work with the magazine’s editorial team to marry the right artist to the right article or topic, commission an illustration or photo, and wait for the creative ideas to roll in. It’s like opening presents on Christmas morning; pleasing surprises are always unveiled. The biggest present is the cover, where the artist must not only not only capture complex ideas in a strong image but also attract a reader’s eye in a field of competing designs on a crowded newsstand.

The packaging for these presents has evolved over the years, from

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