Day: March 22, 2020

Health ‘Benefits’ Are Accelerating Coronavirus’s Spread

The current crisis stresses our need for value-based physician care.

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Americans are worried, and the financial markets are terrified. The number of detected individuals with coronavirus (COVID-19) is ticking upward, schools are closing, lawmakers are considering price-gouging legislation and waiving fees to encourage the poor and uninsured to get tested, and more and more people have converted from, “This coronavirus thing is overblown” to, “This is a grave concern.”

Coronavirus is, indeed, a very significant concern. The speed with which it spreads is alarming, especially when you consider how an underlying, often overlooked element of society is accelerating it. The element I’m alluding to is the status quo, employer-provided health benefits that insure nearly 160 million Americans. These “benefits,” usually unbeknownst to business leaders, are pointing a large proportion of American people to unsatisfactory care centers built on a fee-for-service system that

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